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Our Mission

We are redefining the way stranded motorists get collision repair and roadside assistance in the 21st century.

RoadTrust is the only roadside assistance app that guarantees an OEM-compliant collision repair, meaning that it adheres to your car or light truck manufacturer's repair specifications and standards. Our smart app connects you to the closest trusted and most appropriate repair service provider or their towing contractor.

When it comes to finding a good repair shop, let us do the research for you. We believe that it's all about quality and efficiency. Eliminate the frustration, fear, anxiousness, and helplessness with trustworthy service.


3 Key Benefits

1. Prompt Service

With RoadTrust, you get an immediate response from a reliable service provider. Dispatch times and calls are all handled within a minute. The first tap on your phone goes to the trusted repair shop that you have dealt with in the past. After that, it goes to the closest trusted accredited repair shop. We deal directly with accredited partners who are mandated by contract to provide fast and reliable service.


2. Save Money

Take full advantage of transparent and fair pricing.  RoadfeesTrust doesn't come with a subscription fee, and our app is free to download.  With RoadTrust, you only pay for the actual services provided.


3. Easy-To-Use Interface

With a quick tap, select the service needed. You will then begin to receive status notifications about your repair.


What Sets Us Apart?

RoadTrust is the only app that mandates full electronic scans of your vehicle before and after the repair, to provide absolute peace of mind.

A 2017 vehicle has more lines of computer code than a fighter aircraft. New cars are complex and need careful and competent repairs to keep them operating safely and efficiently.

Imagine this: A customer goes to a repair shop to fix a fairly minor fender-bender. The shop fixes the damage to the rear bumper and the customer takes the vehicle home.

A few weeks later, the same vehicle is involved in a fatal collision.


Why Did It Happen?

The cause of the failure was traced back to the blind spot monitor. On closer inspection, it was found the blind spot monitor was 7 degrees off—but the tolerance for the safety device was only 5 degrees. However, there were no dashboard warning lights.


How Could This Have Been Prevented?

Since there were no indicators or dashboard warning lights, the only way they could have known about the faulty blind spot monitor was if the vehicle was scanned when it first came to the shop and once again when the repair was done. RoadTrust-accredited shops always perform a complete electronic scan of your vehicle, guaranteeing any fault is found before you drive away.


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